The Current US Economic Outlook

The current US economic outlook is still not great, and many wonder how to turn this around. In recent years the United States Government has seen a downgrade in credit ratings, unemployment is still high, and the confidence of both consumers and investors in the economy is very low. The US trade deficit is high, and so is the amount of debt that the USA is carrying as a nation. The housing market is still down although this has shown signs of improvement recently.

America is not alone with economic problems, many countries around the globe are also facing economic crisis periods and the global economy is also struggling. The gross domestic product is around 2%, which is lower than what would ideally be seen in a thriving economy. Business spending is also down due to owner uncertainty about the future. Companies tend to hold on to their financial resources rather than hiring or expanding when the economy is doing poorly.

The US economic outlook shows that retail sales are down from 2011, and this makes it harder for the economy to bounce back. Consumers are not spending like they used to and this is also causing the economic growth to slow and preventing the economy from rebounding. The inflation numbers are very low, one of the small bright spots for consumers who are struggling, but experts predict that inflation will start to rise in the very near future.

2012 will mark 3 years in a row of slow economic growth and little progress. The government tells consumers that the recession has ended but many individuals have not noticed any change in the last few years. The economy has sputtered and has not really taken off since the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. In fact the numbers showing after the recession supposedly ended just keep getting more dismal each year.

The US economic outlook today is not good according to many experts and those in the know. The economy continues to struggle, and while the recession is supposed to be over it does not appear that the economy has rebounded the way that it should. This is a global problem that affects more than a single country, and if steps are not taken soon to change the situation then another recession or even a depression is possible in the near future.

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