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How Will The US Economic Outlook Affect The Presidential Elections?

How will the current US economic outlook affect the presidential elections? It is impossible to tell with complete certainty, and there are many opinions and beliefs in this area. For some economic experts the slow economy may make it difficult for the incumbent president to get reelected. Others point out that many voters vote according […]


5 Reasons Why The US Economic Outlook Is So Grim

1. High Unemployment And Low Job Creation- The grim US economic outlook is based in part on the jobs and unemployment data that is collected. Right now job creation is barely keeping pace with the jobs lost each month, and unemployment is still more than 8% using the official numbers. It has been several years […]


5 Factors That Affect The US Economic Outlook

1. Employment- Part of the basis for the US economic outlook is the employment numbers. The number of Americans who are employed, as well as the number of unemployed Americans who apply for unemployment benefits, make up part of the information that the economic outlook is based on. The number of jobs created needs to […]