5 Ways To Improve The US Economic Outlook

1. Create Jobs With Livable Wages- For the US economic outlook to improve the number of jobs created must exceed the number of jobs lost. In addition the new jobs can not be low wage jobs that hurt the middle class and barely pay a living wage. The unemployment numbers must go down, and jobs need to be available for those who want them. Confidence in the future direction of the government is crucial for this to occur.

2. Increase Consumer Spending- Increasing the consumer spending that is done will improve the outlook for the US economy. This can only be done by making consumers confident about the future and their financial security. Many consumers today do not spend money on luxuries very often because of the economic uncertainty. Government stimulus attempts rarely work because consumer confidence does not increase, and these are funded with taxpayer dollars which increases the national deficit.

3. Increase Home Investments- Improving the US economic outlook can occur if the housing market picks back up. There are a number of methods that can be used to encourage Americans to buy homes and take out mortgages. It is important that there are safeguards in place to prevent another financial crisis like the one that recently occurred. This includes verifying information about the individual requesting a mortgage loan and making sure that the payments are affordable in each case.

4. Get Businesses To Hire And Expand- When businesses hire and expand this creates economic growth. Right now companies are not taking these steps because many feel the current administration is against business and this makes for uncertainty. Business owners hesitate to increase the number of employees or the company size when it is not known what the requirements and business regulations in the near future will be.

5. Reduce the Trade Deficit- Lowering the trade deficit would increase the US economic outlook. This can be done using tariffs, import penalties, and other measures. Until the imports and exports of the USA are close to even this will reflect in the economic outlook for the United States that many analysts provide.

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